Get selected dropdown value in Popup editor


  I have a dropdown on a web screen and need to show the selected value on a popup editor. I have a button that opens the pop up editor.  I have added a expression editor to the popup editor , but how do I  assign the selected value of the dropdown to the expression.

I did add a local variable to the screen . I was thinking to write a server action to assign the local variable when the dropdown is set. But it does not sound right. 

There should be a straight forward way to get the selected value of the dropdown.

Thank you guys in advance.

Hello Jayant, 

The pop-up screen needs an input parameter to receive this value. 

Than, in the link to the pop-up, you set the value of this input to the variable holding the drop down value. 

In the drop down, set a new OnChange screen action and on it, Ajax refresh both the link and the pop-up editor. 

When you open the pop-up, it will receive the value.