LastmodifiedBy filed stop default

I am trying to set the Lastmodifiedby field in my table through the editable table. in the save event I assign it to the application user but it still defaults to the database connection user.  It works when I create a new user but then goes back to the databaseuser after the update. How do I modify this? All your help is appreciated.

Hi Dahlia,

can you share oml, or if not, can you show in screenprints 

* the details of the GetUser node, what user are you getting, also, you have no handling of the situation that the user isn't found.  Do you use the GetUserId() function?  

* What is the data model of ClientHoliday entity, is the lastupdateuser a text attribute ?  Have you considered using the userId instead of name to store the lastUpdateUser ?

* the details of the CreateOrUpdate_ClientHoliday, what variables are you passing in ?

* You say it works with the initial create, can you show the details of that action ?