Unable to disable CSS on container or text


any advice how to disable a CSS style on a container? Example, if I align a text right:

the css is added to the container above. But if I click the right allign again (on the container) the text stays alligned to the right: 

I am not able to undo the style. (the style of the 'card' container is center). 

A workaround is to set the width to 8col and then back again to fill, so maybe it's a bug. 

regards Bouke


Hi Bouke,

agree with you, I can replay problem, changing to other alignments works, undoing alignments doesn't.  You can also tell by the fact that when app is published and the only change you do is undoing the alignment, it doesn't offer to publish again.  I think it's a bug in service center, you could report it (there's a menu item for this inside service center)