[Twilio Video Mobile] Connect to a twilio room from one mobile device to another

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Published on 10 Jul by Hugo 
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Published on 10 Jul by Hugo 

Hello Team,

I am facing one major issue using this component for video calls, I'm trying to connect 2 peers from one device to another (Both peers are using iPhone).  And the issue is that they cannot see each other... there is a message saying that "waiting on participant to join", although I will never get the other end image, I can only see myself.

I think that the devices are not connecting to the same room. I crossed check with the twilio web sample application and the video calls worked fine, image coming both ways. 

Can someone provide some help?

Hello Davide,

This version is limited to 2 participants.

Check my plugin  https://bitbucket.org/gcferraria/cordova-plugin-twilio-video/src/master, i had the same issue that you and i needed to adapt the plugin (in version 10) to support 3 participants.

Thank you.