[Google Maps Library] How to change location of markers dynamically?

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Published on 2 Oct by Labs
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Published on 2 Oct by Labs


I want to change positions of markers depending on the device location (using LocationPlugin).

I use a list of markers and change Latitude and Longitude of one of the markers. The list is set to map optins Markers. But with that configuration the markers always blinking when the position changed.

Is this configuration right or there is better one?

Please help.

Hi Vyacheslav,

It seems that you're doing it the way you're supposed to.

Can you provide a sample .OML reproducing this issue?


Can you show the config or the oml?

Processing Upload...

Weird. For 5 hours, it is "Processing Upload..."

Could you download oml from forge?

One more try to upload oml file.

Swatantra Kumar, it is already uploaded. Please help.

Hi Vyacheslav,

Thanks I'll check it out.

Hello, Swatantra Kumar.

Did you have time to check it?

Hey, late response :|

I checked, couldn't find anything odd.

Hello. Did you install the app on your device? The marker did not blink?

I have a video from my device with the app running.