[khtml2canvas] khtml2canvas unable to take screenshot

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Published on 2013-09-18 by Miguel "Kelter" Antunes
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Published on 2013-09-18 by Miguel "Kelter" Antunes

Anyone used khtml2canvas on OutSystems11. 

Hello Swatantra,

As you can see on the component page this component is build for version 8.

There was never a stable version available, and last changes are for 2013.

It is not likely that someone is using it in v11.

If you want to take a screenshot and save it as an PNG I think you are better of with the following component:


It contains that functionallity.



Ohh, Ultimate PDF for taking screenshot of the webpage. Didn't know, Let me try. Thanks Daniel.

Did you get it working?

No Daniel, I didn't. I'll try tomorrow at work.