DropdownSelect Search Configuration

Hi all,

Is it possible to configure dropdown select (https://outsystemsui.outsystems.com/OutSystemsUILiveStyleGuide/DropdownSelect.aspx) to return only results which contains my search query?

For example, searching for ann would returns me Ann and Hannah

Maybe I didn't get your question, but this is what DropDown is doing. What specific the question is?

Hi Swatantra, 

What Yi Hao, is saying is that it should not show any option that has not the exact sequence of entered characters, so when ann is entered only names that have these excact character sequence should be shown.

The select2 does some kind of 'smart' filtering, where the best matches are at the top, and matches that are not a 100% match have a lower position in the list.



Got it (question), thanks.