Upgrade from Platform 4.1 to 4.2

Upgrade from Platform 4.1 to 4.2

Dear OutSystems,

in our company we have the Free Platform Edition 4.1 installed on a server running Windows 2003 Server with MS Sql Express Edition and in order to make changes to a published e-space in that server i have Service Studio 4.1 installed in my computer running Windows XP.

What is the correct way to upgrade both to Platform 4.2?

I installed all the 4.1 Platform on my computer with a copy of the published e-space and try to upgrade to 4.2 but it seems it's not straight forward... i thought the installation process could detect a previous version and do the upgrade but it seems not.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Amer,

First of all thanks for using the Agile Platform!

As you might have read, the new Agile Platform 4.2 version has been released in 3 editions: Basic, Profession and Enterprise Edition. Express Edition is no longer available in 4.2 release, yet we continue providing support to customers with a support & maintenance agreement.

In your specific case, for upgrading to 4.2 version you should choose the edition that best fits your needs (
check this document to get more details of the capabilities in each edition
) and then contact us to purchase a license upgrade. Once you have the new license you just need to install the 4.2 version and your applications will be automatically upgraded.

Hope this clarifies your question.


Manuel Dias