Hi, I use Service Studio 11, I´m trying to stablish the text for the widgets from one place so I can make changes latter, for example that all search button show: Search it. How could this could be achieved? have you done something similar?

Hi Jhon,

one option would be to make a static entity with all these texts, I like this best cause it's easy to use during design of screens, you just put something like :


This would mean design changes and redeployment though.

It allows to centrally arrange other details then just the text (though css is not a good example, better use classes for that) :

For ability to change on the fly, you could use a regular entity, and some screens to change it, or you could use site properties ...


Hi Dorine,

thanks for you suggestion, the data, how could I keep it? on a database? on a json? other? wich could be the most efficient way?

Hi Jhon,

in case of a static entity, data would be in your module design, in case of a regular entity, that would be in the database, in case of site properties, they would be in service center.

It's a matter of preferences, I like (static) entities over site properties myself, just feels more structured or something...