How come the platform doesn't explicitly support arrays?

I know I can use Record Lists as arrays but there's no easy way to create a record list of a predefined size (I know I can use the ListManipulation extension to do it).

Any plans to provide them in the future?


Hi Carlos,

At the moment we don't have plans to implement it. To help us prioritize such a change, you could provide us the pattern you are using currently. This helps us estimating the time that you gain from such a feature.
Here's a Use Case: I have a loan applicaiton with 1..* borrowers so I want to have a list of borrower's associated to a particular loan applicaiton. There must be at least one but there can be more than one. Each of these borrowers might have a list of current and prior residential addresses (1..*) that should cover the preceeding 10 years. 

With that in mind, I was thinking I'd have a list of BorrowerIdentifier's on the LoanApplication entity. Is there another way?