OutSystems ServiceCenter Unreachable

Hello All,

We are facing strange issue in OutSystems platform when we are trying to access the ServiceCenter(Returning 404 found).

We tried to start the OutSystems services as well as Wildfly(Application server) services and rebooted our VM where the OutSystems is hosted. They are in running mode but still getting the error.

Also when we tried to run the config tool, getting the below error

An error has ocurred: JBAS014750: Operation handler failed to complete

Can someone please help us on this? Thanks in Advance.


Sripriya Sekar

Hi Sripriya,

Is this an on-premise server or a cloud server? If the former, you need to contact whoever is managing these environments. In the latter case, you should contact OutSystems support.

Hi "Financial Freedom",

I think I've told you before, but please don't post answers that are just links, thanks.

Thanks Kilian. It is on-premises server. We will contact OutSystems support on this.