How can we maintain same password for the users across multitenants

Greetings Folks,

I want to use the maintain the same password for users across multi tenants,

such like if incase user change/update password from tenant-a then it should be reflected/updated in tenant-b.

Note: I found that the SALT used for the Encrypted password differs across tenants, thus how can I use the Encrypt-password action, if I plan to manually update it in another tenant.

Hi Assif_Tiger,

Simply you can use advance query for update password in all tenant by USERNAME OR NAME because all  USERNAME will be same for all tenant.


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Update {User}
set {User}.[Password]=@pwd
where {User}.[Username]=@UserName

Hope this will help you.

Kind Regards

Rahul Sahu

Hi Rahul,

At-least for Password we cannot use SQL Query because every Tenant in OS have a different Salt & thus the Salt-hash is generated Unique for the same password.

Thus I have to call Encrypt action to get the Salt-hash & simultaneous switching Tenant so I get the respective Salt-hash in the context of that particular Salt.

Hoe you get my point :)