Hi, I´m trying to use multilingual plugin, I have a message after a SetLocale and I´m getting unexpected token at position 294. My json is

[    {    "locale" : "es",    

"isRightToLeft" : false,    

"translations" : {    "3973c4fe-52c7-42ec-b556-ffa1aa634916" : "Título",    

"419ee7c8-b26a-4b6d-ac98-7c46bf22e2ed" :    "Termin wykonania zadania nie moze byc w przeszlosci.",    

"UpgradeComplete" : "Twoja aplikacja zostala zaktualizowana do najnowszej    wersji.",    "Validation.Mandatory" : "Wymagane pole"    }    }    ]

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If you're using the Multilingual Mobile Component, I would recommend posting your question to the dedicated support forum for that component, which can be found here:


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Hi, sorry I just forgot that, I´m using Service Studio 11.

The issue was solved changing the structure of the Json, it wasn´t well formed.