Where to find enity Label and Label (plural) on metadata

Please i need to find these two values on metadata.

The friendly name of an entity.

I searched the entity database and have not found any plain value I entered on entity configuration screen.

Where OS stores the marked values?

Whats the use of Label Attribute?

How OS use these values when I use the scaffolding methods?

Thank you.

Hi Márcio,

I only have a partial answer.

Regarding the label attribute, I think hat is the attribute shown where this is a foreign key in an entity that you scaffold.

It is the label that describes the entity id in that sense.



Hi Márcio,

If I remember correctly, Label and Label (Plural) are used for instance when you give a variable its name... if the name of the variable matches the Label then Service Studio automatically assigns the entity record as the data type, if it matches the Label (Plural) then the data type will be List of that entity. Likely they are also used for when Service Studio automatically assigns names of Aggregates etc.

The Label Attribute is also used for instance in Combo Boxes, to determine which field of an Entity is going to be displayed.

The Label_Attribute is defined in the System's Entity entity. The Label and Label (Plural) I could not find in my cursory check.

Hi, Daniël,

You are correct about the label attribute related to entity relationships and it is easy to find it joining OSSYS_ENTITY and OSSYS_ENTITY_ATTR on E.LabelAttribute = EA.SS_KEY.

The label and Label (Plural) are used also when you scaffold new screens, the list screen using the plural Label for title and the detail screen using singular for Title.

But nothing I can see where it is coming from.

Hi Jorge,

All right about when OS uses this values, but I don't know where are it coming from.

I used the sql profiler and haven't seem nothing going into the db, I guess it can be hidden in oml and to us are unusable.

My goal is to fine tune Database exceptions caused by constraint violations on physical deletes, and Unique Index violations where I automatically treating at framework level and not case to case.

Can you help me asking this question to some one else on OS and R&D team?

Thanks for your time trying help me on this.


Someone else can you on this?


Hi people,

i have asked it to OS via support to confirm that is not available in db metadata and it answer that is is on oml of espace.

I have created an idea to OS make it available o OSSYS_Entity like the remaining info about an entity.

Please upvote it to let us have it on better location.

Make entity Label and Label (plural) available on OSYS_Entity

Thank you!