Using a List to make a menu

Using a List to make a menu


i'm trying to build a list to develope a menu. but i'm getting problems to use Tag's < ul > and < li >.

< ul>
< li >Expression 1< / li >
< li >Expression 2< / li >
< li >Expression 3< / li >
< li >Expression 4< / li >
< li>Expression 5 < / li >
</ ul>

then i want do add a css class to < li > to make a cool style.

it's possibel to use this inside one expression set with "Escape Content" to "NO" ?

any ideas to work this ?

Hi Bruno,

I'm not sure I understood you correctly, but you can indeed create a list with an unescaped expression and then apply a style to it. To apply the style you can either

a) add this to your css (recommended):

ul {...}
li {...}

b) or to an unescaped expression with a style tag:

ul {...}
li {...}
Tiago Simões

I've allready try that.... but with no sucess.

can you get me a sample please.

best regards.
Bruno Rebelo
Hey Bruno,

Here is a sample with html code and a bit css that ive made. Hope it helps.

i just have to create the links, but i got the idea...

thanks again...

best regards
Bruno Rebelo