Dear Outysystems Member Forum,

I want get name page with function GetPageName from HTTPRequestHandler, somehow I triger nameclashes so function showing TravelPartner (UIFlowName) not Homepage?

My question is, how I triger/not triger nameclashes? any other alternative for how get pagename?

Thank you in advance


Hi Agus Kukuh Setiaji,

If you have screens with the same name in different UI Flows, the web page name will be prepended with the UI Flow name and a dot, so your page name will be whatever is in between the first "." after the last "/" and ".aspx".

If there are no two screens with the same name, then this will not take place and your web page name will be whatever is in between the last "/" and  ".aspx"

I'm curious, why do you need to obtain the web page name in the first place?


Hi Jorge, thanks for reply.

oh ok i found same name screen in other uiflow thanks.

I want to make user management view not by roles outsystems but use costum (like web management menus/access view) so if i want change only use web management, no need to go to the trouble opening a service studio