Community Ranking Update (more points!)

As you know, the OutSystems Community uses a ranking system to recognize those who actively participate, plus it can help community members quickly evaluate the status of another member and the potential value of their contributions. 

Members earn points based on their level of participation and learning path. In order to foster participation that will have an impact in the community, every now and then we review the ranking algorithm. A few areas of participation stood out to us as having a bigger impact on the community, than we were providing points for. Please see below the changes we’ll be adding: 

  • Replies marked as Solutions - 10 points (an increase from 3! - this increase will be retroactively changed) 

  • Components Marked as Trusted - 10 points New (each version marked as trusted)

  • Components with Documentation - 10 points New (person who added documentation only)

So, today, September 11,  you may see your points increase if you meet any of the criteria listed above. This does mean there will be some fluctuation in rankings with people earning these additional points. 

You can see all the details about how scoring works here. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Community Team


Great initiative, makes one feel appriciated for doing community work!

Hi @Vera Tiago 

Good day!

I have a new email address and migrated my old one to it. I noticed that my community points was reset to zero. May I kindly if it still possible to be retrieved/merged?

Please advise.

Thank you and kind regards...

Hi @Christopher Bautista, sure let me pass this issue to the team and get your points back. Can you please send me via PM your previous email? 


When does this ranking gets updated ? Is it weekly of monthly ?

its updating on daily basis.... what you do today it will update after the end of the day.

i hope you will get it.

its very great...helpful for everyone.

Yes it's good

help to gets solution

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