How to Switch Tenant in Process


I have created a Process & in the Process Flow Action I am Switching the Tenant using the System>TenantSwitch() for some implementation.

But when I run the same, Outsystem is generating an error in Service center:

"TenantSwitch operation is not supported in this context."

Any help much appreciated

I don't have much experience with the tenantswitch but it should work unless you have used entities or objects that don't work with multitenants.

Could you check if thats the case?

It's not that issue, forgot about the Entities.

The issue is OS doesn't allow the TenantSwitch Action to use, I mean you can add it but when the process execute the Error is reported in Service Center.

"TenantSwitch operation is not supported in this context."

Hi assif_tiger,

A process always runs in the Tenant it was started. TenantSwitch is only possible on OnProcessStart. There have been reports of issues in high-concurrency scenarios.

Hope this helps