Every action runs twice on mobile


I have a mobile application. Sometimes it stops working correctly. When I started debuging mode on mobile device I found out that every action runs twice. How to explaine and change such a bihavior?

I've make a video with debuging mode and trace the app.




You need to set a breakpoint on each call to ReplaceMarkersAndGeoZones to find why it is called twice.



Thank you for replay.

As you can see on 12th second I pressed "Continue" button but the debug arrow still remain at the element "CreateCurrentTripGeoZones" and did not run to the following element with breakpoint "CreateCurrentTripMarkers2".

HI Vyacheslav Buzivskyy,

We are facing the same issue on our Reactive web application.

How did you managed on your mobile application?



Hi  , I am having a similar issue, when I clicking on a link in an email to run my application it runs twice . I have run it several times with the debug on and off, included log messages to  at  various stages in the preparations , I have even split the screen into 3 screens . Any ideas would be welcome. Sorry I haven't an answer , just more issues

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