Error Loading WSDL

Error Loading WSDL


I'm trying to add a webreference for a SAP webservice, but I'm getting this error loading wsdl
Access Denied (error: 401)

In the browser, after providing username and password, I'm able to acess the webservice. But in service studio, I get that error.

Can anyone help me, please?

Thank's in advance,

Francisco Neto
Hello francisco,

I solved this problem going to the :
Service Senter-> Factory -> Web Service

1) select the name off the URL

2) include the authentication data in the new URL

Hi Jorge,

Can you check the path? On Service Cebter > Factory I only have "eSpaces | Extensions | Solutions "
ok , sorry

In FACTORY, You must select your eSpace and there you have the Web Service tab.

I saw that already! Thank's...

The error was due to a password not inserted in SAP web serivce definition.

Thank's anyway!


Hi, when having those kind of problems, instead of adding the url with something like : http:/, use instead this format in the url

Service Studio will not save the credentials part in the url, but will use it to consume the webreference.
Once consumed, you can manipulate credentials in runtime by using the EnhancedWebReferences extension.
Hope this helps.