Shows an internal error in the browser after I launch the web app

I am using outsystems service studio 11. I am copying the web app from the youtube video error is shown in the IDE. But when I launch the app using one click icon, two incomplete upgrade warnings appear in the console box. I am showing the print screen of console below.

But the web app is successfully deployed and launched. But when I open the deployed app in the browser, an internal error is occurred. I am showing the error in the web browser below.

How can I correctly deploy the webapp to get the desired outcome. Thanks

Hi Apurvanand. 

Very old video. Don't use it. 

If you want to learn, use the following training:



The error is at the advanced query in the preparation of the Employee_List Screen. It should go like this:

With this query you're selecting all fields from the employee table that is what you want! :)