content is getting clipped from the mail

Hi Team

Users having accounts on are facing weird issues.We have an application in which activation mail is sent to the users on registration and the mail is getting received by the users but the content is not there.

In service centre ,I have checked that the status is sent without errors and the content is also sent properly.We have set the Log content as yes in service studio.

Can you please let us know what might be the reason that the content of the mail is correctly sent but not received at recipient's end?

Hi Divya,

When you say content is being clipped, do you mean sections of the text, attachments, or images? If you've compare the email received and the email that was logged in Service Center, is there any pattern to what disappears?

No, one line is received by the user like for an example:-

For the activation of the account, please click here. 

and "Here" is in a hyperlink that takes to a webpage of the application for making the user active.

This whole line is not received by the user. An empty mail gets received with correct subject and sender.

we checked with the messaging team also, and they have also checked that mail  does not gets modified by the smtp server.then what might be the reason

I created a test account with and I sent a couple of test emails from another account with the same content you described, and nothing was removed - but it could still be some obtuse spam countermeasure (removing text containing links).

If both the application level logs (OutSystems) and the SMTP server level logs show the correct email, that just leaves the email provider in my mind. Have you attempted to contact them?