Hi Team,

I have a template document (.csv/.xls/.pdf) to give user to fill and upload into some network path.

I am using external site link \\abc.company.org\sharedfolder\prod\templates\template.csv

and upload filled documents into \\abc.company.org\sharedfolder\prod\ directly by opening.

Links are opening in ie browser but not in Chrome.

Is it browser issue or something with code?


What version of the platform are you using?

What other browsers have you tested?

Have you checked the Console in the browser tools to see if there are any error messages? Use F12 key to open the dev tools, and click the Console tab at the top...reload the page, and check for error messages when you click the link.

Hi Phani,

Might be on your crome browser popup will blocked,

PLease check once hope this will solve your problem.

Kind Regards

Rahul Sahu