Hi all,

Have you had any luck installing your OutSystems native apps on an Android 10 device?

The new version of Android is starting to roll out to some devices, and I don't see any mention of planned support in the OutSystems documentation nor elsewhere on the forums...  One of our QA testers' personal devices is upgraded to 10 and she can't install the app.  Some of our Google Play Store feedback has indicated the same problem for the general userbase.

I'm wondering if there's some hope and that we should evaluate compatibility of our individual plugins, or if we're likely out of luck until the next MABS version.

I am posing the same question to OutSystems Support and will reply with the "official" stance once I have it!



Hi Ross,

We are currently working on MABS 6, that among other features will target Android 10. MABS 6 will be progressively released and will reach GA until the end of this year.

Nevertheless, we are working for the current latest MABS version (MABS 5) be compatible with Android 10. Until now, we needed to change two plugins that were published on OutSystems forge as "Under Development". Those plugins are:

-   Ciphered Local Storage Plugin (3.0.1): https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1500/ciphered-local-storage-plugin

- Key Store Plugin (2.1.1): https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1550/key-store-plugin

So, please check if your app has these plugins and if so please update them. If the problem still persist and since you already open a support ticket share with us the ticket number or share here the details of the problem you are facing.

Hugo Gonçalves