How to make image highlighted when sharing web page in social media

Hi All, is there a way to easily define the:

that will feature when sharing a public page on social media?

I created a page (with a define page title) but if I attempt to share it on social media seems to focus on a weird image and the text of a modal that is triggered by a button.


Hi André, 

You need to add meta tags to allow the site where you are sharing to know how to fetch the information. 

Found this:

Other sites may use different protocols than Open Graph. 

To add meta information to your page you can use some functions from HTTPRequeatHandler espace. 

Hope this helps. 



Eduardo, Thanks Meta Tags were exactly what I was looking for... I have a follow up question though:

Is there a function that adds a "property" instead of a "name" to a tag it seems that Open Graph uses the property, do you know if that makes any difference what so ever?

I found a few forge applications that do not seem to be compatible anymore but they rely on an extension to add the property tag.


I think the easiest way to add dynamically is to use AddPostProcessingFilter, like Remco is showing here:

Hope this helps. 

Eduardo, I decided to publish my first app on the forge to solve this. Thanks for the help: