Error happen when read WSDL file for consuming SOAP API

Hi all,

As mention above, when I consume SOAP API by using two WSDL files, it appears these errors like pictures below.

1. Repeated SOAP structure attribute names' is not supported in Platform Server

This is part structure of WSDL file

I already recheck to find repeat attribute but can't find any repeat attribute name in GetActiveDistinctEmployee method above.

Is the structure of GetActiveDistinctEmployee method in WSDL file invalid?

2.Invalid WSDL SchemaThe remote name could not be resolved:

Is this WSDL file invalid too?


Huy Nguyen,

Hey Huy,

Although I don't see repeated attributes in the attached screen, but here OutSystems explains the use case of "Repeated SOAP structure attribute names" and workaround.


The error of "The remote name could not be resolved" could occur when the connection to the remote server can not be established. Possible cause

  1. The server address is invalid
  2. The address is improperly written in the WSDL
  3. Connecting the scheme on non-secured protocol URL. Try using with https. (possible in your case)




Hi Huy,

Can it be possible share your WSDL, or try do testing in Soap UI tool, and check in any wsdl tool to invoke this method to see what happening,

In chrome try use "Wizdler" extension and load the wsdl and invoke the method, this way we know if any problem in wsdl or the platform server have any outdated version (like cache).