Using cordova plugin ThemeableBrowser, how can I use resource imgs on it?


Wondering if anyone crossed this problem yet,

So, I am using the Themeable browser cordova plugin, afaik there's no forge component for it, so I just imported it.

Everything works fine, expect the images on the buttons

 backButton: {
        image: 'back',
        imagePressed: 'back_pressed',
        align: 'left',
        event: 'backPressed'

it uses this to detail the buttons, or this

backButton: {
        wwwImage: 'images/back.png',
        wwwImagePressed: 'images/back_pressed.png',
        wwwImageDensity: 2,
        align: 'left',
        event: 'backPressed'

I'm wondering how can i use any of them, I have the images in the images folder and in the resources folder, the image is called "back".

So how can i use this image in the button?