[SSL Pinning Plugin] SSL Pinning Plugin causing problem after OutSystems upgrade

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Published on 5 Feb by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 5 Feb by OutSystems R&D

We have been using the SSL Pinning plugin for quite some time in our mobile application built in OS 10. But after upgrading the platform to OS 11, it seems that the SSL Pinning plugin is causing problem. Whenever a screen is fetching the values of more than one static entities as separate aggregates, we are getting the below error when we open the screen in an actual mobile device:

INVALID_STATE_ERR: send flag is true

This issue is only reproducible in android devices. Please note that we have also updated the SSL Pinning Plugin to the latest version, refreshed the dependencies of the application, regenerated the APK from Service Center but nothing seemed to work. 

We are also getting this issue in a new application generated in the upgraded platform. 

We have also observed we don't face this issue if we remove the SSL Pinning plugin from the application. This points us out the fact that the main culprit here is the SSL Pinning plugin.

Also after exploring the SSL Pinning plugin, we found that there is a resource of git hub which is being used by the plugin through the following link; "https://7f669fab2d2d8be939dd6a1108d874d002d4861d:@github.com/OutSystems/cordova-outsystems-sslpinning.git#2.2.0"

But unfortunately we are unable to find this resource in github. Has anything changed recently?

We also reported the issue OutSystems support long back, but we never received any answer from the support.

Please let us know if anyone else faced similar issue or are there any possible resolution for this as we must use this plugin to enforce security standards. Attaching here with the service center error logs for this issue.

OutSystems R&D confirmed that the fix for this issue will be published in Forge with the upcoming upgrade of SSL Pinning plugin to be published on 25th September.