Inserting Data to an Entity

Inserting Data to an Entity

Hello community,

I am new to Outsystems and just began developing in Service Studio for about 5 hours ago.
I created a webscreen to insert data to an entity called Category.
This is the entity skeleton:
- CategoryId (PK)
- Description (Text)

On my web screen, I have an input field and a button made to insert the data from that input field into the entity.
On this button, I created an action with starts obviously with a Start and then I added the Create action from the entity actions node.
Later, I created a local variable to this action called Category and chose the Record type, assigning CATEGORY entity to it. Then, In the create action, I added this Record.
What do I need to next? I'm kind of lost.

Thanks in advance!

With best regards,
Rui Mendes
I would suggest you to pass the input text value to the action as a input parameter so you will gonna need a input parameter in the action to receive the text from the input box.

Then in the button where you call the action send the input parameter to the action.

then on the action flow, you have to assign the record variable with the input text variable before (and not after) you use the action to create or update your entity.