Tip: How to convert from OpenAPI 3 to Swagger 2

If you need to import a REST web-service that only has an OpenAPI v3 specification you can use  https://www.apimatic.io/ to convert it to Swagger 2 (the type that the development studio needs).

Also, if you end up with the file you can use the https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1270/swaggerproxy to obtain a link.

the https://www.apimatic.io/ works fine for me.

swaggerproxy doesnt work.

You should not need the swaggerproxy to import the file as the latest version of the Service Studio has that option.

Hi Ricardo,

I tryed your solution to my problem, but i got an error as you can see.

The version used for this api is openapi 3.0.1

Any advise on this?

Best Regards


Hi Michiel,

Can you send me the file you tried to convert?