Programming Languages to Master OS

Hi there,

If i want to master OS, what programming languages should i learn?



Outsystems has a great free learn site

You could fake the guided path for becoming a web application  developer or for mobile.  After completing  these courses you should have gained enough knowledge to develope with out systems.

Addition topics to learn kn order of priority 

1. SQL and database design

2. CSS

3. Javascript

4. C# if you want to create extensions

For these 5 topics to get basic knowledge o eod advice the free Fun to use and learn.




It is a good idea to list them all:

1. SQL

2. CSS

3. JavaScript

4. C#

5. JQuery


7. ReactJS?

8. Cordova?

9. what else???


Jqury I forgot. Reactjs so far  no need to.

Cordova if you want to write mobile Cordova plugins, but not needed to develop with outsystems. Cordova is not a programming language, to create a cordova plugin you  need to code in other languages like java for to run run android and others on iOS devices. 

To be honest we have good outsystems developers at our company, that only have basic skills in css, html and javascript. 

It is good to know the  basics but for most outsystems programming not a must when you start learning outsystems.

On my understanding:

SQL if you are mostly on Back End

CSS if you are mostly on Front End

JS for either. At some point you will need it. For sure.

So would put it this way: CSS/JS/SQL on same level, as basics for every developer. 

In my own experience I have used: CSS, HTML, JS, and SQL. But CSS is what I do 80% of the time...

P.S. JQuery is just JS library, if you going that way you also need to mention JSON.