Omnext versus TrustedAdvisor


At a customer we use Omnext for analyses of best practices usage.

My initial findings on the comparison between both are that Trusted Advisor:

  • uses Discovery to perform architectural best practices  checks
  • supports the analysis of mobile applications best practices
  • performance analysis based on LifeTime Analytics 
  • Is free for free for all OutSystems customers and partners that request for it.

Omnext on the other hand:

  • Only has a paid license model
  • Does not have mobile best practices analysis
  • Has more checks that trusted advisor
  • Since the last release also does some 4CL checks (I have not yet have the change to check that out)

My questions to the community is, if someone has already used both of them, and can extend my list of props/cons.



Hi Daniel, 

Working with Trusted Advisor for past few months. It's such a great tool provided by Outsystems. I am adding few stuff as i observe while working with Trusted Advisor. 

1. Code analysis patterns. 

2. Tell you about Unauthorized access (Avoid anonymous and Registered access screens).

3. Tell you about query slowness or performance issue.

4. Tell you about inline code and hard code literals.

5. Tell you If any cyclic reference between application or modules.

6. Maintainability of your code(Any missing description or public element).

7. Categorize the Architecture. 


Hi Hitesh, 

Thanks for your input. My observation that some of the valiations are done by Trusted Advisor and Omnext, some only Trusted Advisor some only by Omnext.

Can you give me some details about the following usabillity features of Trusted Advisor:

  • Does the UI perform with acceptable response times
  • Does it provide in scoring the solutions on multiple levels (solution, application, module)
  • Can you register false positives permanently (so lets say I do change a site property in code, but have a valid reason to do, I don't ever want to see that reported again).
  • As you have it installed can you give me insights in used AO's? in LifeTime and in for the probe that has to be installed in DEV, QA and PROD?