Hi All,

I needed help for one of the situation .I have an aggregate where i have a user defined attribute . This attribute is group . Now i am trying to edit the formula for that attribute but I don't see the formula there.

I though because the attribute is grouped the formula might be disabled but then how to remove the grouping applied.

[I know another way of removing and adding a similar attribute but this was not developed by me so I don't know the formula use ]

I need an urgent solution.

[Please see the screen shot attached]


why not make the formula before it is grouped?

then you group the formula after that.

So, the universe, the domain of the records is complete, before you do grouping/filtering.

It is good practise to find all domain first in sql before do the filtering/grouping. 


Hi Pranav,

The original of a grouped attribute is by default hidden, but it's still there. In this case, the little "2" indicates there are two hidden fields, which you can unhide by double clicking the "2".

If it's other hidden fields (like Ids), there are probably more hidden fields if you scroll right, and you can unhide them as well.


Hi Kilian Hekhuis , Gede

Thank you for your help , it took me time to actually find the source attribute .As Kilian suggested it was there in one of the hidden attribute section. 

This was done by someone at the time of development .Now it was a new requirement change that why I was looking for it.


Glad I could be of help :). Happy coding!