Create an excel file with multiple sheets.


I know that's possible to import data from two different sheets (from the same excel file) to different entities, but I want to do the reverse... I want to export data from two entities to two different sheets in the same excel file (export to multiple sheets).

Is that possible?
António Marques
Hi António,

Take a look into the attached sample. It might give some warnings in Microsoft Excel 2007 since it is based on mht files but it might achieve what you need.

Tiago Simões
Bom dia Tiago,
Estou passando pelo mesmo problema, gerar um arquivo Excel com varias páginas.
Tentei usar o exemplo.MultiSheetExcelSample porém não está abrindo na versão que uso

poderia me passar este exemplo atualizado se possivel?

desde ja agradeço.

Hi Agno,

You are resurrecting a thread that's over 6 years old! In general, that's not a good thing as whatever has been discussed is way outdated. The MultiSheetExcel extension is a good example of this. There is no native way to have multi-sheet Excels natively with the platform. You can search in the Forge for components that may do what you need, e.g. Advanced Excel.