Lightbox Image Group

Hi All,

In My project I have Light box Image Pattern inside table, i need to fetch the image from the database to display it . I have One Primary Database(Table main) which has foreign key reference to the another database(Picture entity)  which contains multiple Images with same foreign key Id. so , i can store several Images for single Id row. Now i need to group the light box image with Particular table row id so i can scroll the images only related to that particular row instead of everything. when i try to give the group name it shows all the images from the table not the one related to that particular row which i referenced with (picture entity db) . Please Advice , is there any method to group the images based on their Id .

How are you populating your Lightbox widget - can you see the correct images in debug? Does the issue reside in feeding the images to the widget, or in obtaining them in a query?

Could you add some screenshots, or create a test module to help us understand the issue?

You make a webblock receiving the Id of the Main Entity, and inside the webblock you query the picture entity with that said Id, and make a List with that query using the lightbox as you want.

That way you end up with a list of Main, which inside for each row has a list of pictures ;)