How to add OS10 version to OS11 component in forge?

Yesterday i added a new component to forge. It was built in OS11.

Because my current client works in OS10 i created the same component today for OS10.

Now i want to add that version to the current component. How can i do that?

The current OS11 version is .OAP while the OS10 version is an .OML.

Its component

Hi Stefano,

I would also create an OAP for version 10. That said, you can just add it as another version, did you run into problems doing so?

I could not create an oap, don't know why. only option was oml.

Because i had already uploaded an oap i could not add an oml.

I will try to create an oap in os10 again...

"I could not create an OAP" - you don't need to create it, you need to download it :). Either from Service Studio or Service Center.

I managed to download it as you said.

But i cant add it as a new version because Forge tells me its not a new version of this project. this is ofcourse correct: I build first version in OS11 and now i mad a new one in OS10 ( i cant downgrade right?)

I have added a P10 version to an already published P11 version Forge component of mine, but I have also seen the message you've been seeing. I've reported this to the Forge team as well.

How did you add it then? I now have 2 components: 1 for OS11 and 1 for OS10. This is not what i want...

You are close to being marked as solution! ;)


I just uploaded a new version. But I think the problem is that if there's already a P10, but that's an OML not an OAP, you cannot add an OAP as a new version.


That's true. But i also couldnot upload an OS10 version .oap because Forge said it's not the same project.

That's also pretty weird, though I can see it happening when the internal OML GUIDs differ or something.

I will try to upgrade my OS10 component and add it to that Forge component. Maybe then i get an OS10 and OS11 version of the same component.

It seems impossible to do it the other way around.

Thank you for your fast response!

Thank you Killian,

I upgraded the OS10 version in OS11. Now i have what i want.

I still think it should be possible to upload a new version for OS10 after uploading the OS11 version, but it just didnt work.

Glad to hear at least something worked :). I agree there's some improvements to be made how the Forge handles this...