[Chat] How to completely delete the Chat component from your applications.

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Published on 2015-11-24 by Hélio Dolores
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Published on 2015-11-24 by Hélio Dolores

Disclamer: This component is great, and really well built, the whole team deserves the highest praises for it, however, I installed it on my personal environment just to try it out for a project I had, and it was driving me nuts how with every single application I created, the chat component tried to load!

Hey guys, just to let you know how to completely scrub down the chat scripts from your Outsystems environment, it's very simple!

1. Go to manage dependencies in any application you have, and search for IncludeJavascript_API;

2. Pick the server action Script_Delete;

3. Drag said server action to any action/preparation on the application you added the IncludeJavascript_API;

4. In the server action input just write "CHAT".

5. Run the action/preparation you added the server action in.

6. All done! Don't forget to remove the IncludeJavascript_API extension if you don't need it anymore.

Hope this helps!

This should be the part of documentation (just in case)

Hi guys,

This information is on the documentation page.

The "Hide chat in All apps" does that "remove script" for you.

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