Data grid : Horizontal Scroll Bar

I have used the data grid to display data values.

Issue is,  if I do have any data in the grid ,the horizontal scroll  bar is freezed and i cannot look up at the columns that has been populated the scrolling horizontally.

How can I enable the horizontal scroll even if I do not have data. How can this be achieved.

Hi Tanuj,

This issue is coming in the browser or service studio?



It come in browser while displaying the data grid. PFB the snap.

(I have just removed the column names for pasting image here) .

 Issue is the below highlighted slider doesn't work, since we have no data.

When I have data then the slider works fine.

Still, I didn't get fully,

but the Inclosed div of table record that is responsible for the actual scrolling. The contained items will float within the container element which in turn will scroll inside the wrapper.

Try this 

Enclose the table record with the container and add class to that container lets say .hrscroll.

CSS should be like this.