Cannot connect personal environment on Outsystems service studio

If you look at the Error, it will tell you that you need to clear some space on your service center.

but when i access my service center this one shows -

Then ill go to my account on outsystems, its suspended

when i click the unsuspend button, it will start a countdown of 5mins, after the 5mins, it will be just an "Unsuspend Personal" button again. I tried clearing my cache, cookies and history even reisntalled the browser but still can't fix it.


looks like you used all the space available in your personal environment with its about 2gb.

Create a support case for OutSystems to help you with this problem.



Already did create a support case and they said i just need to click the unsuspend button, and then i said it didn't work and i got no more reply from them.

Try again contacting them or call them.

Alternatively you could create a new account and get a new personal environment.

Obviously it will be empty but at least you can keep coding.

Will do that, Thank you Daniel for the response!


Hi Carlo,

I have the information that your environment is up and stable, issue has been overpassed.