Export the content of a Screen for a PDF File

Export the content of a Screen for a PDF File


Somebody could tell me if exists any kind of component that permit Export the content of a Screen for a PDF File, like we can export automatically de content of a screen for a Excel File ?

Some body have already make something like this ou similar ??

I need help in that feature....

I wait for a answer...

Thank You...
Is mime-type "application/pdf" supported by Outsystems?

When i try use it, and open the pdf file it gives me the attached image error.

Any suggestions?
The previous image file was in a bmp format (which is really big and slow to load)
Here goes the new image in a jpg format.

Sry for double post:S

any help would be great.
As far as i know the only way to export to PDF existing in Outsystems is done by using microsoft reporting services.

But i'm not 100% sure though...

Thank you for your answer...

However....How we can use the Reporting Services in this case ??

How develp and integrate with the OutSystem's content ??

I never used the Reporting Services with OurtSystems ??

Someone could explains me that situation please ??

I hope that someone can reply that post...

See you soon
There is an example here called "Sales Reporting Demo". Search for it.

Anyway, saying it as simple as i can, you'll have to be running reporting services, and then you'll have to create/add an extension to your project to call it from outsystems ( this extension comes with the example).

I appreciate your post..

I'll be try it...

Thank you so much

Talk with you sooner....