Re : Enable tabs in RichWidgets - UI-Tabs

In the previous style guide using the widgetlibrary40 it was possible to enable/disable tabs with the extended property enable in the container.
I have tried the same approach in the new tabs from RichWidgets, but it does not have the behaviour I want, is it possible to have te same behaviour using this widget?
Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Thanks for the attention.
Hi Nuno,

The extended property should be named "enabled" and not "enable".

Tiago Simões
Thanks Tiago,
It was my mistake.

Hello Mendes, 

I would want to enable/disable tabs from Richwidgets, can you please help me as how you did it using style guide?

Hi Alefiya,

You have to use the extended properties of the div that you have to use with the correct style and set the enabled value with the value that you want true/false according to your use case.

Please let me know if that helps.

thanks you,