Can i install outsystems 11 on Linux mint 19 or ubuntu 19.04. Currently i have linux mint 19 installed on my desktop computer. Because I want to work with my desktop. Is it possible to install and use?


Outsystems service studio requires windows and because of that the only way of using it on a LINUX machine would be using something like WINE to run it.



Is there any performance impact using wine?

Zaw Thet wrote:

Is there any performance impact using wine?

Yes , I would expect some performance issues but that is also dependant on various other factors so , just go ahead and try it out .


Siam Gnana

I'm not at all sure Service Studio runs on Wine. I've never heard anyone trying it, and/or succeeding. It's definitely not supported, so if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Your best chance might be to run a VM with Windows.

The Mac tech preview is based on Wine.  I'm not sure if it is a custom build or not, but you might have success basing your Wine drive_c from that?  Just a thought.