I want to play a video inside the app. The video will reside in my own server. When the user clicks on the link the video should play in the app.

When i tried to add the video functionality and test it browser, it works. However when i install the outsystems now app and test there the video does not play.

how do i embed a video player into the app. Please help

Hi Balaji,

First, next time if possible share the .oap, not the .oml. For someone to test the .oml in OutSystemsNow, needs to have the .oap.

Second, i've created an app moved your oml in it and tested it in OutSystems now. It did play the video without any problem.

Maybe you can check ServiceCenter error log and check what is going on.

Also you could try another phone. I tested on Android Samsung A50.



Thanks Daniel for the testing. 

I am new to outsystems and trying to learn. hence not aware of oap or oml

can you please share the oml you created and i can test in my phone

i am using the Outsystems Now app in ipad and testing it.


I did not create an new module, I used the one you posted and moved it in an mobile app. Then tested it in OutSystems now.