SQL Server vs Oracle

SQL Server vs Oracle


We are starting a new project with a customer who is using Oracle. All our team members only have SQL Server experience and no Oracle.
What are the main issues (points of attention, casing, maintenance, PL-SQL, etc) we need to take into account when developing with OutSystems and Oracle in comparison to SQL Server?

Thanks in advance!
Mark 88
Hi Mark, here goes my 2 cents on the subject ...

First of all, the AgilePlatform will take care of all your worries in the entity definition and when using simple queries (your application will behave seamlessly with both RDBMS). This means that you only have to worry about Oracle specific issues when writing advanced queries.

That being said, here goes some additional hints:
. Don't forget to set your eSpace DBMS attribute to "Oracle"
. Check http://www.outsystems.com/help/servicestudio/4.2/using_data/oracle_compatibility_issues.htm to learn about some of the platform "goodies" to minimize compatibility issues with Oracle
. Use simple queries whenever possible
. The built-in functions are not the same. Check http://www.techonthenet.com/oracle/functions/ for a list of Oracle's built-in functions
. The new "count" property of the simple queries (since 4.2) will provide you the same result as a COUNT query, even if you specified "Max. Records" (no need to perform an advanced query just to do a count)

Hope this helps, cheers.