How to use the modal as file upload

Hello developers, I use a link of type ajax to open and close a modal on a page. On the modal I want to upload a file, for that reason where using the Outsystems file upload widget. But because this is working on submit it's causing some strange behavior. When I have 2 modals on one page the submit button is not even working... What would you advice to do a file upload in a modal?


I have not seen the issue you are describing, can you please answer:

  1. What is the "strange behavior" you are seeing?
  2. When the submit button does not work, what happens?
  3. Can you provide a sample oml?


Hi Freek,

Can you answer Craig's questions?

But, due to our conversation in another post, I added the upload to the module I had already prepared. What seems strange to you?



Hi freek,

This is NOT a good practice, and some features are marked as deprecated in O11, but it is one more way to upload a file, using ajax instead of submit, so modal won't close.

Using Rich_Widgets/Popup_Upload widget


Hi Pedro,

First of all thank you for teaching so I had on the web block in the modal a event and I was toggling the modal by that event. But submitting will already close the modal so the toggle in this case opened the modal again! 

Also thanks for adding the second modal to your example that one is almost working now!

Thanks a million!