How to use session with combobox?

After I logged in with a companyname but this is an user. I ask in a combobox who are you of the company and then there is an dropdown menu where u can choose which employee you are. When the employee is chosen then I want to start a sessionID and show only pages what is linked to the session. 

Can somebody give me tips about this?



Just keep that selected EmployeeId in a session variable and use that to filter whatever content you need, including the list of pages that Employee has access to.

Is this it?




Hi Halit,

I have 2 option,

  1. You can set the on change destination to new screen action. In the screen action you need to assign session according the selected dropdown. After the session assigned, you need check the session on the every page.
  2. you can create the role and assign the user with the role.

Thank you very much guys! Both of youre solutions works for me.