Wordmerge extension / Mailmerge action


I'm using mailmerge action form wordmerge extension.

I'm calling that action with a word template in the server, and a excel data created from a record list containing 1 record with 18 fields, and the server just times out.

With another word template and the record but only with 4 filelds passed into the excel data, it sometimes works, and others also times out.

Why is this happening? Anyone knows?

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Francisco Neto
I'm really having huge difficulties to understand why this is happening!

The wordmergesample screen works fine, even in my localhost where I don't ave anything configured.

One word, the most simple, takes a bit to load, but eventually it loads. The other ones, gives: "The request timed out before the page could be retrieved". then I have to close internet explorer in order to go back to the page.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Is there any known issue with proxies and wordmerge extension?
1 - make sure all edit fileds are sent in the record list.
2 - If mailmerge action freezes, it's probably because word has launched a warning and it's waiting for a user input. Because it is running on the server, no input will be inserted. Run task manager, and kill any WINWORD process.
3- Try again, and good luck!

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