stack change P10 JAVA to P10 NET using existing mysql database

dear outsystems friends,

I have a customer whose going to change their on-premise installation from P10 JAVA Mysql to P11 NET SQL Server.

as the first step we are going to clone the MySQL DB (which belong to P10 JAVA) and attached a P10 NET fresh install into this cloned MySQL DB.

would configuration tools works to configure service center in the combination of this P10 NET fresh Install & cloned MySQL DB after conducting Migrate an Environment Using a Database Clone ??

maybe someone ever try this before?




Hi Arnold,

Though I cannot answer your question itself, since you don't mention it above, you are aware that P11 does not support MySQL as a Platform database?

Hi Kilian,

yes i'm aware P11 does not support MySQL as Platform Server database anymore.

at this point it just the first step of migration from P10 Java MySQL to P11 NET SQL.Server

We'd like to change P10 JAVA to P10 NET while still using the same MySQL database