[Multiple File Upload] Max file size for upload

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Published on 2019-06-26 by Remco Dekkinga
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Published on 2019-06-26 by Remco Dekkinga


What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded, i have tried uploading 30MB JPG file was successfull , further tried uploading 50MB file i am getting error "File Size limit exceeded, Maximum of 30Mb file can be uploaded"

Can this limit be extended?

Component version 11.0.406.0

Service Studio version 11.5.44 Build 2746

Thanks in Advance


Maybe you can find the solution here?


it seems your IIS has a limit. I don't think its the compnent causing the issue.


Hi Suresh,

Stefano is right, these values are set in IIS settings. In the installation checklist document, there is a point to increase this limit.

But you can also solve this problem by following the steps outlined in the link suggested by Stefano

Installation Checklist: