how to Reset all in the server

HI ,

I needs to reset my server completely. Please let me know how to reset my server. Waiting for your great response. Needs to use it as a new server.

Hi Supid,

You can only do this yourself if you have an OnPremise installation of OutSystems, and the proper rights to actually perform those kind of tasks on your OutSystems infrastructure and servers.

Did you google this? it is easy to find some information on this matter:

I would advice only to do this yourself if you have a good feeling you know what you are doing.

Else you might want to get to the guy or team that has setup your OutSystems infrastructure.



It is not on  OnPremise installation of OutSystems. It is on my personal environments.  

In your PE, you either remove all apps by yourself, install dbcleaner and cleanup your environment.

Or alternatively you can create a new OutSystems account and by that get a new clean PE.